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Outstanding expertise in CAD design and 3D printing

When it comes to computer-aided design technology and 3D printing, there is only one logical choice for astute business owners in QLD. Backed by an expert team with over 10 years of cutting-edge experience, Russell CAD Design and 3D Printing (RCD3D) provides services for everything from engineering and mechanical applications to the injection moulding, automotive, and building industries.

CAD Designer on computer

Our Services Include

  • Mechanical design

  • Engineering automotive

  • Truck bodies and trays

  • Home planning inside and out

  • PLC design and layouts

  • Injection moulding tooling and plastics modelling

Computer drawn laptop with gears

About Us

Through our investment in the very latest CAD and 3D printing technologies, we are able to offer our clients the highest levels of precision and accuracy across a diverse range of design disciplines. Whilst our expert team of CAD designers has a wealth of experience in the technical demands of our industry, they are also able to apply their creative skills to ensuring highly authentic and functional design outcomes.

Comprehensive range of CAD design and 3D printing services

Whether you require the dedication of a team that is able to work closely with your own prototyping project, or you need ongoing production designs, we are fully experienced in every aspect of CAD design and 3D printing. At our modern premises in Beerwah, Queensland, we can work with a wide range of materials from ABS to PLA plastics.

3D model of house

We always deliver excellence, and you shouldn’t settle for anything less, so call the CAD design and 3D printing specialist in Queensland now on 0433 194 371.